Tao tantra massage amazing

tao tantra massage amazing

TAO TANTRA MASSAGE WORKSHOP Athens, Greece 23 & 24 September – This workshop is recommended for couples. Single men or women can participate too. Includes both theoretical and practical part. Participation fee is 70 euro/person, for 2 days, 7 hours each day (with a small break for snack. aug. - Orgasmic Tao Tantra Temple Session for women by TaoMan dipinthenip.eu **** english side **** dipinthenip.eu **** german side **** dipinthenip.eu Shashi Solluna is a leader in the Taoist Sexual Arts and Tantra. Find out how she can halp you to access the secrets of Tao and Tantra.

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The MicroCosmic Orbit is the primary energy channel for circulating and sublimating sexual energy in the body and into the higher spiritual centers. Shashi trained residentially for several years with Grandmaster Mantak Chia in the arts of Taoism. What is Handy Banana? Yoga Massage Therapy Tao Massage. Sacred Cacao Dance Ceremony is a guided 5-Element dance journey of heart-opening. Leave with creative inspiration, feeling deeply connected and re-sensitized in your miraculous Body of Bliss.

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Taoist sexual practices help us to embrace and cultivate life force energy for vitality, creativity and spiritual awakening. What does it mean to be MultiOrgasmic? Healing from past negative sexual experiences Increased overall vitality, sexual health and sensitivity Expanded pleasure for both partners - increased libido and orgasmic potential  Reduced symptoms of menstruation and menopause  Build a healthy relationship to the body and to sexuality Tones, strengthens tao tantra massage amazing develops refined articulation of the yoni. Yoga Massage Therapy Tao Massage. These movements can be a tantric massage to help a woman open up to her deep yoni and whole-body bliss. Pulling the String to Bliss Making love, one lover can pull the string of her lover's egg as she squeezes her yoni and channels the energy internally. Here are some playful variations The lover who pulls the string. Tao massage incorporates elements that are meant to strengthen and revitalize your sexual organs. Find out more details about how tao massage works and the benefits. Tantra massage and tantric massage are two defined massages developed in Berlin Erotic massage which incorporates elements from the neotantric movement in the Western world massages the primary erogenous zones of the body, those being the mouth, the phallus (penis), the vagina and the anus.

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